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Research Articles

There are a growing number of research articles related to ranch raised fox available online. If you come across an article we can share on this website with other ranchers, please let us know by sending a link to the […]

Pearl fox pup pulled from the cage for inspection and vaccination in late June.

Raising Fox Today – One Year Cycle

January This is normally the time that the rancher will start to check over the condition of the foxes to ensure that they are in good body shape for going into the breeding season. Feeding and watering are the primary […]

Rut Gauge and the Fox Heat Cycle

Rut Gauge and the Fox Heat Cycle

Practical Operation The Norwegian manufactured SiLi3 rut gauge has proved to be an excellent aid in checking heat in the fox, especially in connection with artificial insemination, provide it is used properly. Results may be poor with faulty or careless […]

Taurine Deficiency

Taurine is a required amino acid that they can’t produce on their own. It must be supplied in their diet. Supplementing is a common practice in the U.S. where ranchers often feed foxes pet food. Generally, dog food does not […]


Crenosoma vulpis or lungworm is common in the United States. Symptoms include coughing and respiratory distress. Lungworm can lead to death. Diagnosis can be determined in post-mortum or necropsy exam. Larvae are excreted in the feces and become infective after one […]


Nutrition The fox producer should study the general nutritional requirements of the fox and ensure that he can obtain the ingredients to fulfill them. Nutritional advice is available, and producers should seek assistance in acquiring this knowledge from all available sources. Analysis […]


As a fox breeder, there are several options for your breeding program. Poly-breeding, pair-breeding, artificial insemination or any combination of these. Understanding the Vixen Heat Cycle How to Use the Rut Gauge Poly-Breeding More information coming soon. Pair-Breeding More information […]


If you have gone through the trouble of maintaining breeding stock, having a successful whelp and raising the kits to adult size, there is no reason to sell yourself short on the final steps of preparing your product for market. […]

Disease and Sanitation

Disease The fox producer must always be aware of the condition of his herd, and be able to recognize signs of a distressed or ill animal. Common problems in United States fox farms are easily addressed and controlled through proper sanitation […]