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Nutrition And Nutritional Physiology Of The Fox by William L. LeoschkeBooks

Leoschke, William L. Nutrition And Nutritional Physiology Of The Fox. November 23, 2011. Dr. J. E. Oldfield, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon states, “This is a very comprehensive book on fur animal nutrition and one which I am sure will become a ‘Bible’ for the industry . . . a landmark publication on the area of fur animal nutrition.” Available thru Please let us know if this link stops working.

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US Fox Shippers Council Code of Practice

Standard Guidelines for the Operation of Fox Farms in the United States, published by the North Central Fox Producers and the U.S. Fox Shipper’s Council, 2006.
Click here to request this file.

Canada Fox Breeders’ Association Code of Practice

The Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Fox was updated in 2013. While this publication does have some good information on raising fox, these are NOT the same as the guidelines prepared by the United States ranchers.

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