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Any industry that involves animals being caged has been met with opposition. In recent years, millions of dollars worth of damage has been done to research facilities and large ranches. Attention has started to focus on the smaller ranches. GPS trackers and the Internet have made it easier for even the smallest of ranches to be located. It has become necessary for every ranch, large or small, to either upgrade or invest in some measure of security.

Your best tool against the threat of opposition is ethical ranch management and informing the general public. By following a code of ethics , becoming a certified ranch and taking excellent care of your animals by providing for each of their individual needs, you are giving the opposition fewer arguments to use in the case against fur farms. You can also support groups that promote the fur industry and spread the word about the ecological benefits of wearing fur which will in turn improve public acceptance.

In addition to ranch certification and public acceptance, some suggested security measures include: motion detectors with alarm, surveillance system, trail cameras, web cameras, baby monitors, guard animals within a perimeter fence, etc. Communication among ranchers is also vital. Ranchers need to share knowledge of break-ins, security tips, and any articles or websites that aid in keeping the ranchers and animals as safe as possible.

Fur Commission USA administers several farm security programs.  If you would like more information, please contact FCUSA.

U.S. Fox Shipper’s Council And North Central Fox Producers. Standard Guidelines for the Operation of Fox Farms in the United States, 2006. USFSC and NCFP.