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Taurine Deficiency

Taurine is a required amino acid that they can’t produce on their own. It must be supplied in their diet. Supplementing is a common practice in the U.S. where ranchers often feed foxes pet food. Generally, dog food does not contain taurine whereas cat food does. Taurine may also be deficient in some feed stuffs and needs to be added to wet feed or diets. It is necessary to provide this amino acid.

This deficiency causes heart failure. Symptoms include coughing, raspy breathing, and overall weakness.  Post-mortum exam or necropsy and lab work are required for accurate diagnosis.

Taurine is naturally available in poultry bi-product. However, eggs, liver and kidney meat as well as cheese and dairy products have little to no taurine. Switching the major portion of diet from poultry to liver for example can cause a problem.

Taurine is available through your local veterinarian or Trouw Nutrition International in Willmar, Minnesota. It is available in a 25 Kg/55 lb box. Taurine is supplemented to feed at the rate of 2 lbs per ton of wet feed.