Color Phases

Color Phases

Fox Vulpes vulpes Red Fox Silver Fox Inheritance of red, gold, and cross fox Gold Fox/Smoky Red Cross Fox Mutants Grey Fox Vulpes cineroargenteus (Eastern Grey Fox) Island Grey Fox Arctic Fox Alopex lagopus Blue White Fox (Polar Fox) Mutants Mutant Color Phases The […]

Final judging of all variations of silver fox at the 2011 USFSC Pelt Show.

What is the USFSC?

Object The object of the Corporation is to supply information on education, research, and the market, to United States fox ranchers in order to improve the quality and awareness of the American fox industry and to work alongside North American […]

Code of Ethics

Domestication and artificial selection of livestock have made farm animals dependent on humans. Consequently, according to the currently accepted moral and ethical standards of our society, humans have no choice but to accept this dependence as a commitment to practice […]

This old photograph is on display at the historic Fromm Bros Estate. It show two men, visitors to the infamous fox farm, with silver fox pelts once marketed so effectively they were considered the best in world.

History of Fox Farming

The fox is a member of the canine family and is known throughout the world in its wild state. Its size varies greatly depending on species.1 The following species of fox are farm raised for fur production: red fox (Vulpes vulpes), bue […]