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Code of Ethics

Domestication and artificial selection of livestock have made farm animals dependent on humans. Consequently, according to the currently accepted moral and ethical standards of our society, humans have no choice but to accept this dependence as a commitment to practice humane conduct toward domestic animals and to prevent avoidable suffering at all stages of their lives.

These guidelines represent a step toward meeting that commitment. These guidelines are intended to be used by the fur industry, scientists, and animal welfare groups as an educational tool in the promotion of sound husbandry and welfare practices.

An electronic version of the Code of Ethics can be requested using our contact form.

The Guidelines are designed to assist farmers in providing a humane environment for their animals. They were prepared by leaders in the United States fur farming industry including professionals in the fields of veterinary medicine, animal nutrition and wildlife management.

It is the sincere hope of the USFSC that American fur farmers will study and adhere to the high standards set out in the Guidelines. This will greatly benefit their animals and the fur industry as a whole. Farmers who are certified will be publicly recognized for adhering to the Guidelines. Certification procedures are outlined within the Code of Ethics document.

We proudly submit these self-regulatory guidelines to the fox farmers of North America.We commend you for your commitment to excellence in farm management and vigilant attention to the maintenance of these humane standards.