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It is a common bacteria of the intestinal tract. Certain strains or serotypes are harmful to new-born animals. Two types of disease may be seen. Gastroenteritis, or stomach or gut inflammation, is common. The main symptoms are diarrhea, loss of body fluids and rapid death. The second type of disease is septicemia or blood poisoning (see figure at right). This infection is often obtained via the navel at birth. Infection, especially of the brain, followed by rapid death is seen.

Treatment would be with selected antibiotics and electrolyte fluids. Sanitation is important to reduce the level of contamination of nestboxes.

Normal brain and meninges

Figure I. Normal brain and meninges (arrow) magnified 130 times.

Infected meninges due to septicemia or blood poisoning

Figure II. Infected meninges (arrow) due to septicemia or blood poisoning magnified 50 times.

Fox Diseases. Novia Scotia Dept. of Agriculture and Marketing Livestock Service.