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More Money Than Last Year?

By Herman Jansen, Managing Director at North American Fur Auctions

December 20, 2012

Yes, the cold weather in China and Russia has resulted in a very strong retail season opening. Our wish has come true. We all know that weather is one of the most important factors in our business.

The December major auctions of mink and fox in Scandinavia have created higher prices than last year, with the main buying from China. We strongly believe that this will also be the case for nearly all of our wild fur.

Muskrats will again be exceptionally strong, selling 100% at prices most likely higher than last February. Raccoon, which are in very strong demand, could potentially see substantial price increases. Trimming articles like Coyote and Red Fox are now expected to sell 100% for all desirable goods at higher prices than last February. The Sable/Marten sale recently held in Russia showed price increases over last year and this also will be true for our Can/Am Sable/Marten. Other articles like Fisher, Lynx, and Lynx Cat are all in strong demand.

Chinese and Russian visa application requests are well ahead of last year at this time and buyer hotel reservations for our February sale are in full swing. We expect to exceed last year’s record breaking attendance of 500.

Market conditions are definitely in favour of our producers and you can expect another well deserved, strong February sale with nearly all articles selling at higher prices than last year, with 100% clearances.

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